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Austin Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1985 – 27 years ago – as an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International. Austin Habitat for Humanity’s entire mission and vision are anchored around their dedication to ending the cycle of poverty housing and the deeply held belief that everyone deserves a decent, affordable place to live. Together with the great people of Austin, they build homes, communities and hope. Austin Habitat for Humanity does new home construction and also has a home repair program.
buy tastylia oral strips online without prescription

Austin Tenants’ Council provides a Guide to Affordable Housing in the Greater Austin Area to find an apartment in Austin.
tastylia tadalafil 20 mg

Caritas provides housing and supportive services for individuals who have experienced long-term homelessness and who are recovering from the trauma they have experienced while being homeless. Caritas also provides financial assistance and supportive services to families and Buy Tastylia (Tadalafil) Without Prescription Online individuals who are experiencing a housing crisis or short-term homelessness in order to prevent them from becoming homeless or to return them to housing.
buy tastylia online

Clarksville Community Development Corporation (CCDC) is a non-profit, IRS tax-exempt, neighborhood-based organization. It was established nearly 40 years ago after the construction of Mopac wiped out one-third of historic Clarksville, destroying homes and displacing many families with deep roots in the neighborhood. Since its establishment, the CCDC has played a vital role in Clarksville.
Get Tastylia (Tadalafil Oral Strips) to buy

Foundation Communities offers quality apartment and duplex communities near schools and public transportation along with services that help people reach their educational and financial goals. Buy Tadalafil Tastylia 20mg without prescription

Front Steps is committed to providing a full range of services to support our clients in moving from homelessness to safe, affordable long-term housing. Front Steps operates supportive housing programs for chronically homeless individuals and closely coordinates with other homeless services providers in the community to access both transitional and permanent housing options.

Guadalupe Neighborhood Development Corporation (GNDC) has rehabilitated over fifty homes since its inception in 1981, enabled over forty families to purchase homes, developed over fifty single-family rental units and clomid order online in 2008 completed La Vista de Guadalupe – a 22-unit multi-family project that is prominently located near the historic French Legation and downtown Austin.

Housing Authority of the City of Austin (HACA) owns and operates 1,929 units of conventional public housing in 19 developments throughout Austin. Development sites range from high-rise apartments on Lady Bird Lake to small duplexes in residential neighborhoods. HACA also manages the Housing Choice Voucher/Section 8 Program that provides rental vouchers for more than 5,000 units of housing in Austin’s private rental market.

Green Doors was founded in 1990 by a formerly homeless young woman. Their mission is to prevent and help end homelessness and poverty housing for those working to achieve independent living in Central Texas

Neighborhood Housing and Community Development (NHCD)’s mission is to provide housing, community development and small business development services to benefit eligible residents, so they can have access to livable neighborhoods and increase their opportunities for self-sufficiency.




Medical Access Progam (MAP) helps people get the health care they need. We make sure that anyone who has a MAP card can go to a clinic, get medicine, and get emergency care. Every person in your family who is eligible will get a MAP identification card. You may use your MAP identification card to get healthcare services through any of the clinics or doctors who offer care to MAP patients.

People’s Community Clinic (PCC)’s) mission is to improve the health of medically under-served and uninsured Central Texans by providing high quality, affordable healthcare. The clinic has been offering care with respect and dignity since 1970.

CommUnityCare provides services at 22 locations in Travis County.  CommUnityCare provides outpatient primary healthcare, dental care, limited specialty care, and behavioral health services. They also provide HIV/AIDS treatment at their David Powell location, and care for the homeless at the ARCH. CommUnityCare is now accepting new patients under Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP, MAP, and Sliding Fee Scale.

Some of Lone Star Circle of Care’s patients have public insurance (Medicaid, CHIP, etc.), but are unable to find a primary care doctor who will see them.  Ninety percent are underinsured or have no health insurance at all. Many of the uninsured are hardworking families that simply can’t afford coverage; in Texas 79 percent of uninsured adults work or have at least one working family member. Through Lone Star Circle of Care these hardworking Texans can obtain healthcare services that improve their lives and reduce the overall cost burden of the entire health care system.




Front Steps and the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless (ARCH) offer a wide variety of services and programs for homeless individuals. The link below connects you to a page of all the resources you can access through their site.




Fresh Food for Families is a unique program that provides low-income families with quality fruits, vegetables and other fresh foods free of charge on a regular basis. These fresh foods supplement existing grocery budgets with much-needed nutritious items. Fresh Food for Families distributes an average of 10 pounds of food to more than 8,000 individuals each month.

Healthy Options Program for the Elderly (HOPE) Each month, HOPE clients receive an 15- to 20-pound bag of groceries to supplement their existing diets. They receive items like canned vegetables and meats, cereal, pasta and soups. Fresh produce and personal hygiene products are also included.

Kids Cafe, an official program of Feeding America, serves as a direct partnership between the Capital Area Food Bank and existing after-school programs. There are more than 1,600 locally operated Kids Cafes across the nation. In FY2011, CAFB served more than 33,500 meals to an average of 3,300 children per month.

The “Wheels of Sharing” Mobile Food Pantries fill geographic and service gaps in emergency food assistance. These Mobile Food Pantries provide basic staples, fruits and vegetables, and frozen foods. Guests also get help from CAFB staff in applying for food stamps and other federal assistance programs.

Meals on Wheels and More delivers hot, nutritious meals to the elderly, disabled, and homebound in the Greater Austin area. Aside from our signature meal-delivery program, Meals on Wheels and More offers additional “And More” services including their Meals for Kids Program.




Handy Wheels (a program of Meals on Wheels and More) provides minor, safety-related home repairs and improvements to those in need.  Their Home Repair and Architectural Barrier Removal program is for low income homeowner clients who face serious structural issues with their homes resulting in a decline in health and safety.

Hands on Housing is the largest volunteer-based home repair effort in Austin. We repair and revitalize the homes of senior citizens and disabled homeowners who are living in deep poverty. Our goal is to help them safely remain in the homes they love and to provide an outlet for the compassion shared by all of the great faith traditions. Since 1990, Hands on Housing volunteers have repaired over 1000 homes.

Austin Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1985 – 27 years ago – as an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International. Austin Habitat for Humanity’s entire mission and vision are anchored around their dedication to ending the cycle of poverty housing and the deeply held belief that everyone deserves a decent, affordable place to live. Together with the great people of Austin, they build homes, communities and hope. Austin Habitat for Humanity does new home construction and also has a home repair program.
buy tastylia oral strips online without prescription